12 June 2024 – RAeS Webinar in collaboration with Protolab topic : Aerospace Manufacturing in 2024 : the big issues.

In 2023, a joint survey from the Royal Aeronautical Society and digital manufacturing specialists, Protolabs saw over 1,800 individuals, including Lahou Keita, FRAeS give their opinions on the key innovations, the value they add to the industry, and the potential barriers to adoption. 2024 will see a follow up survey launched with analysis on the trends, challenges and opportunities shared with RAeS members and the industry at large.

The session convened a panel of experts to bring those findings to life and covered topics such as:

✅ The key manufacturing technologies being used in the Aerospace sector.

✅ The biggest challenges when adopting manufacturing technologies (projects costs, knowledge, capabilities, testing, certification…).

✅ Where the industry is focused now and how the respondents feel that focus will shift over the next three years (innovation, safety, quality, AI, new processes development, machine learning…)

The webinar was relevant for KEITAS SYSTEMS innovation activities.

Aerospace companies interested in joining RAeS as a Corporate Partner can apply here 👉